Bad joke: YouTube blocks video of the flash mob threat

Bad joke: YouTube blocks video of the flash mob threat

YouTube blocks videos with dangerous Bird Box pranks

After the release of the film Bird Box, a new challenge appeared on the Internet, which is considered dangerous for people. Imitating the heroes of the film, people get the task to do something blindfolded. And in this there is a direct danger, because a person who does not see what is happening in front of him puts his health and sometimes life at risk. Therefore, video hosting sites are forced to impose sanctions on such records. In particular, the leading YouTube service blocks video with such content and requires removal.

YouTube blocks video in the style of Bird Box, and in case of refusal to delete it may ban the channel.

The administration of the world's most famous video hosting site, YouTube, decided to tighten the rules of the service. Now it is strictly forbidden to post videos on the platform, which show challenges or draws that can bear danger to human life and health. And we are talking not only about physical, but also moral suffering. The ban will get videos that can make a child think that it is in serious danger.

The new set of rules is valid from 01 January 2019. The administration of the service will identify the videos that fall under this category, and block them. Administrators of channels where they will find prohibited content will receive a notification about the need to remove it from the site. To do this, they will be given a period of 60 days. If the owner will ignore the requirements of YouTube, and within two months will not remove the video from the publication, his will be “rewarded” a strike. After three strikes (over 90 days), video hosting automatically deletes the entire channel.

The reason for such action was a new, dangerous challenge, based on the movie Bird Box. The administration's patience burst when a video appeared on the site, where a teenager blindfolded crashed into a tree in a car.

The number of such videos began to grow at an alarming rate, which made it necessary to take urgent measures.

Video hosting also changed the requirements for the use of content designations, as well as links in the description. From now on, if the video does not violate the rules, but it is marked with a prohibited icon, or the link below leads to the site with viruses or pornographic materials, the administration will remove the video.

The authors of the channel will be “awarded” strike. In this case, users also have 60 days to eliminate the violation on their own before the administrators do it for them.

Bird Box is a horror movie from Netflix, released in 2018. Its main feature is the fact that all the characters are forced to move with blindfolds because of the threat to go crazy after eye contact with the creatures. However, people began to actively repeat the actions, throwing each other dangerous challenges and doing antics that could harm life and health. Studio Netflix, which released this horror, appealed to the audience not to repeat what they saw in the movie.