Refresh your memory: the developers have updated the Windows 95 emulator

Refresh your memory: the developers have updated the Windows 95 emulator

An update for the Windows 95 emulator has been released

Many modern PC users have never seen older versions of Windows. Most of them were either not born yet or were too small to use a computer. And the availability of devices in the 90s was low. Having a PC at home was almost a luxury. Now the developers have invited users to plunge into the past and find out what it was like to work with the OS, which has extremely limited capabilities. In 2018, Felix Riesberg released the Windows 95 emulator, and in 2019 updated it, slightly expanding the functionality.

What does the Windows 95 emulator update include?

The emulator can be used on any of the modern operating systems.

There is practically no practical use for the program, so you can install it only to find out how it was or to be nostalgic if someone was lucky to use a PC in the period of popularity of Win 95. With the new update, the users have somewhat expanded opportunities to use the old OS.

The new version of the emulator includes several pre-installed applications and games. Including it has a cult Doom. In the basic version of the program there is no sound, and in the update it is added. The Win 95 virtual disk includes as much as 500 MB of disk space that the user can rely on to store files.

The program is filled on GitHub, where everyone can download it. It is absolutely free. In fact, it is a virtual machine in which the image was sewn Win 95 and some additional software components. The developer used JavaScript to integrate everything into one service. You can open the developer tools and verify that Google Chrome is the Foundation.

The initial version has caused considerable interest among users, but after the update users should show even more attention. Now the emulator is much more convenient. However, there are still some problems. In particular, the tests revealed that the games on modern computers are too slow. The reason is banal - the technique has gone far ahead. However, in any case, this is the best way to find out what operating systems were used at the beginning of the introduction of computers to the masses. In total, the emulator weighs less than 300 MB.

If you still want to try to play, your attention will be offered several options. In addition to the popular Doom, there are also built games such as Wolfenstein, A10 Tank Killer, Grand Prix and Funpack. In addition, the developers have integrated several applications, such as FrontPage and Netscape Navigator.

Placing the product on GitHub caused considerable surprise to users. Developers may not use Microsoft products in this manner. That is, the manufacturer could contact the administration of the service and require removal, but still did not do it. Perhaps the reason lies in the use of the application only for the nostalgia of users, and not for commercial purposes.