Smart watchband from Sony is presented. It seems Apple may start to worry

Smart watchband from Sony is presented. It seems Apple may start to worry

Watchband for Sony: revolutionary product or another expensive gadget?

A new player may soon appear on the smartwatch market. While Apple continues to keep this sphere under its control thanks to its Apple Watch, the Japanese competitor is preparing to win back a part of it. Recently, an interesting smart watch strap from Sony was introduced. It is called Wena, attached to the dial, and all its important technical features are hidden inside the device.

We understand the intricacies of the device, which compares favorably with similar gadgets on the market.

How much does a Sony watchband cost and what does it do

The price of the toy is considerable - it is assumed that in the UK and Europe it will be 450-510 dollars, depending on the configuration. The active silicone strap is cheaper, and for a more classic metal one will have to pay $ 60 more. Together with the watchband you can buy a special dial worth 129 dollars. Experts believe that in America the price of Wena will be lower.

On the other hand, the capabilities of the watchband justify its cost. It has a traditional set of features for online 24/7 presence: notifications about new messages in messengers and letters in the mail come stably. For convenience, you can choose from 7 notification colors and adjust the vibration frequency.

Wenna also works as a fitness tracker. The watchband is able to measure the pulse, count the number of steps and even correlate the distance traveled and calories burned.

Another option to use the Sony watchband is calculation.

The NFC technology integrated into it allows contactless payments for goods and services. What is important that it does not have to twist the wrist and touch the terminal with watchband. The design of Wenna is made in such a way that the user is comfortable to wear and use.

The best Sony engineers worked on the technical part of the device, and the Swiss masters were responsible for the visual details. In the world, they are widely recognized as leading experts in the field of creating watches.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown when Sony watchband will be on sale. However, given the activity of Apple and other developers in this market segment, the Japanese should hurry.