Marusya - Voice assistant of

Marusya - Voice assistant of

Voice Assistant of is it Alice's competitor?

The largest email developer of Russia started working on its own voice assistant.

Rumors about this project went on the market for weeks, but theretofore sources were not confirmed, and statements were very vague. Now gossip turned into the official statement of the vice-president of the holding Anna Artamonova. According to her representative, is really preparing a bot assistant to work on the platform.

According to the data, the original name of the voice consultant will sound as “Marusya”. However, it is not known whether it will remain until the product is presented.

In addition to the program assistant, the corporation is also preparing a platform on which the bot will be able to work fully. Also, the developers said that Marusya will not exist autonomously; it will be implemented in all possible services of Group. Presumably the assistant will be able to search and send messages to consumers. But it is not reported yet whether users of the social network “Odnoklassniki” will be able to experience a new bot consultant or not.

It also became known that in addition to voice assistant and support platforms, fans of the service will soon be able to enjoy a smart speaker from the manufacturer. Such information came from two anonymous employees of the corporation, the management itself is silent about it.

Prospects of voice assistant of

Given that voice assistant of will not be the pioneer of the world industry of bot assistants, much about the success of this project can not be said. First, the market is not the first year led by Google Assistant, as well as Amazon with its Alexa. According to experts, if bot can become competitive, then only in the CIS countries.

Thus, the head consultant of automatically becomes a rival to well-known Alice of Yandex. It is unclear whether Group will be able to implement the assistant as it happened at the leader of the Russian search engine. But one thing is clear: Marusya will target the same consumers who are currently using Alice. And this, in turn, forces developers to make their bot, if not better, then, at least, corresponding to the functionality. This is what raises the question of users: whether Marusya will also be built on neural networks. By the way now only a year after the release, Alice knows how to recognize music, objects in photos and even order pizza.

Yandex has not yet commented on the possible exit of the competitor. Most likely, the corporation, as well as the public, will evaluate the possibilities of Marusya after its official release.