Nike has introduced a unique sport shoes with automatic lacing

Nike has introduced a unique sport shoes with automatic lacing

Nike has developed a unique sport shoes with automatic lacing

Humanity has already tightly linked their lives with all sorts of gadgets that need to be constantly recharged. Smartphones, smart watches, tablets, even toothbrushes - this is our payment for the presence of additional functions of such devices.

Now Nike offers us unique sport shoes, which also have to be charged - the model is called Adapt BB, and it needs to be plugged into an outlet so that it can be laced up and transmit the necessary data to the smartphone.

How unique sport shoes work

The originality of the model lies in the possibility of lacing directly in the course of doing sports - just touch the special button on the shoe. You can also change the settings of unique sport shoes, using a specially designed service Nike Adapt. A motor has been built into the shoes, which automatically determines how tightly the laces should be tightened, thus achieving a perfect fit for the athlete's foot. The office of the manufacturer assures: such technologies are the future, and with the use of digital lacing, you can forget about the loose fit of shoes and the need to relace several times, this is especially important in professional sports, when any detail affects the final result of the competition.

It is noteworthy that the first version of such shoes appeared in 2016 - then the model was called HyperAdapt 1.0, but customers could only buy them by VIP invitation. The price of such a solution was 720 USD. Not many people were ready to pay such a sum for automatic lacing. Adapt BB will cost 2 times cheaper and will be sold in conventional Nike retail stores.

A feature of the model is the fact that it has no visible laces, and the fit of the shoe is adjustable smoothly. On the sole and on the back, bright signals blink on the heel, indicating the time when the sport shoes need to be recharged from the mains.

The battery capacity is 505 mAh, this will last for 10-20 days at an average frequency of use. In order to recharge the battery, you do not need to insert sport shoes into the outlet - wireless charging Qi is supplied with the shoes, charging time is 3 hours from zero to 100%.

Nike has been planning to create such models for many years. In 2011, a couple of non-working “Nike” left the auction, in the same design as in the popular film “Back to the Future II”. Then, in 2015, the company presented the same prototype to Fox. Fans of the brand have long dreamed of such shoes, which would be laced automatically. Now they will have such an opportunity.

To some extent, such a model can solve the issue of different completeness of the legs - Adapt BB will fit absolutely any leg due to the adaptable lacing. Whatever the foot, it will feel perfectly comfortable in such shoes, the main thing is to configure everything correctly in the application. Also, “Nike” will transmit data on the time of training, they can be used to track the success of achieving sports results. It remains to wait until the sport shoes will appear in the official sale.