The most expensive push-button phone from Russia is dedicated to the Vikings

The most expensive push-button phone from Russia is dedicated to the Vikings

The most expensive push-button phone in Russia was named Vikings

It would seem that the era of phones with buttons is long gone. Modern smartphones are considered more convenient and offer great opportunities to users. However, some companies continue to produce models of this kind, and even create new devices. Moreover, their cost can be very high. In particular, Russia presented the most expensive push-button phone. He was named after the great Vikings, one of whom became the founder of Kievan Rus.

What is the most expensive push-button phone

Caviar, a Russian producer of premium communications, announced the launch of new products. They were luxury push-button devices, which the company called Tsar-phones. The first models of the line were named after the legendary Vikings Rurik and Ragnar.

Some users continue to be faithful to the classic versions. They remain antagonists of modern smartphones, which often have unnecessary options. Therefore, such means of communication not only maintain market demand, but are also used by manufacturers as a kind of “trick”. Such gadgets are considered courageous, exclusive and authentic solutions on the market.

The first Tsar phones are clad in a high-strength titanium case. They are equipped with an ergonomic keyboard and Gorilla Glass screens made of sapphire. It may be noted amazing combination of components: titanium and carbon, white gold and leather. Devices are not susceptible to malware, therefore, all information in them is securely protected. This can be a key advantage over smartphones in the same segment. Of course, elegant design should be noted. The gadget has a sparkling crown, Tapisserie guilloche and much more.

Thanks to these features, “Rurik” and “Ragnar” are able to become successful not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. They are superior in luxury to most competitors.

As for the “content”, the Nokia 6500 model equipped with the S40 5th generation operating system is the basis of the Tsar-phones.

Continuing the theme of design, be sure to note the special shape of the body, which was invented in Caviar. The device is an elongated hexagon, stylized sword. The manufacturer chose this solution based on the concept of the gadget, which was named after the Vikings. The idea of the designers is that the phone should be the “weapon” of the modern man with whom he goes out into the world every day to succeed.

Representatives of the new collection were named in memory of the great Scandinavian warriors. For the first phone they chose the name “Rurik”, in honor of the founder of Kievan Rus and the legendary Prince of Novgorod, who ruled from 862 to 879 years. The second device was called “Ragnar”. In this case, the creators were inspired by the exploits of Ragnar Labrock, one of the most famous commanders of the IX century. In 845, troops under the leadership of a Viking conquered Paris.

New gadgets from Caviar have become the perfect embodiment of masculinity, honor and courage, which keeps the Scandinavian sword. In Russia, the model is already on sale and its cost ranges from 179,000 rubles to 229,000 rubles.