New Tesla mode will increase the safety of dogs in electric cars

New Tesla mode will increase the safety of dogs in electric cars

Special Tesla mode for dog safety

The world's leading manufacturer of electric cars Tesla announced the introduction of new features. They are necessary to improve the safety of both the car and its passengers, especially four-footed beasts. Options are called Sentry mode and Dog mode. Their integration was announced on Twitter by the owner of the automobile concern Elon Musk. Let's talk in more detail about how the new Tesla modes work and to whom they will be useful.

What is the new Tesla mode

Musk announced his intention to introduce new opportunities in early 2019, but in fact they are ready only now. In particular, Tesla added Dog Mode - the so-called dog mode. The idea is for the machine to automatically maintain an optimal microclimate for the pet.

Often people leave animals in the car, and then go for a few hours, while four-legged passengers languish in the heat. The new mode is not just for dogs. No matter what kind of animal motorist left in the cabin, for him in any case will be picked up such a microclimate that he was comfortable. Also, the machine will inform passersby that there is a pet in the cabin.

This solution is similar to the option Cabin Overheat Prevention, the essence of which is to prevent the heating of the cabin above the critical values. In particular, the sensors record the temperature inside the car, and when it rises to a certain point, the automatic cooling and maintenance of the mode at 40 degrees Celsius.

As for the Dog mode, there is a similar principle of operation with the only difference that the owner of the machine can configure the optimal mode independently. Its presence in the car is extremely important, because if someone is present in the cabin, whether a child, an adult passenger or a pet, the Cabin Overheat Prevention function is not activated.

To start Dog mode, you must select the appropriate icon, which is located at the bottom of the screen. Here you will be offered to choose the optimal parameters of the microclimate. Activation occurs immediately after the driver leaves his seat. Please note that Dog mode consumes energy from the batteries. However, Tesla has provided this. If the battery charge drops to 20%, the computer will automatically inform the driver via the mobile application.

The second mode - Sentry mode works harder. The main task of the function is to monitor the situation around the machine, if there is no one in it. When you start the mode, the cameras installed on the car are also activated. If any threat is detected, Sentry mode gives the command “Alarm”. A message about the cameras is displayed. If the danger is more serious, for example, an attacker opened the door, Sentry mode includes an alarm in the form of lighting and music running at full power. If the alarm mode is activated, the program sends a notification to the owner's application. The function is available in models S, X, and Model 3.