Tesla charger now works at home

Tesla charger now works at home

New Tesla charger for home charging

One of the main problems of modern electric vehicles is the insufficient number of places where they can be charged. Even in regions such as the EU, the United States, and developed Asian countries, infrastructure is under development, which seriously delays the massive abandonment of traditional “dirty” technologies. Even at home, it is problematic to replenish the battery with energy, since the battery has to be placed on the grid’s housing network. But Elon Musk offers a solution to this problem. The new Tesla charger will provide 100% electricity in all batteries from one point in the house, without the services of an electrician.

What is Tesla charger

on 16 January 2019, the leading manufacturer of Tesla electric vehicles introduced a new development that will help all owners of vehicles to get rid of the need to create a special outlet. This is a charging station, called Wall Connector. If previously the owners of cars with electric motors had to plant batteries in the entire network in a residential area, with technology, this is no longer necessary. The device is equipped with a NEMA 14-50 connector - this is the most common standard for making electric plugs in the United States.

Experts noted that in this way the American automaker is moving away from its own strategy, but this solution is well-grounded. Previously, in order to ensure battery charge at home, you had to call an electrician, change the wiring in the house, and output a special source similar to those used at electric refueling stations. Wall Connector can be simply inserted into the outlet, after which the system will replenish the energy of the battery without additional effort.

The technology introduced by Tesla, allows you to charge batteries significantly faster than the previous development - Mobile Connector. The past generation was also equipped with electric plugs according to the NEMA 14-50 standard, but could not deliver a current with a greater power than 32 amperes. Wall Connector is designed for up to 40A, so the process will accelerate significantly. Today it is the best solution for home charging, although at the moment it is not able to compete with specialized stations.

The cost of development in the US is only 500 US dollars. Making a purchase, the client receives a cable, 12 m long, designed for one battery. As for the design, Tesla currently offers only one color - Silver, but in the future we should expect other versions.

Cars on electric motors are rapidly spreading in both developed and developing countries. But until there is a special infrastructure for them, people will not be able to completely abandon obsolete gasoline, diesel, methane and propane-butane. The entry of such devices on the market is an important step towards the popularization of electric cars. But it's still not enough.

In addition, it should be noted another interesting announcement from Tesla. At the final press conference in December 2018, Elon Mask was asked a question about the development of charging stations in Europe. The billionaire replied that in 2019 the company intends to deliver dozens of Supercharger electric stations across the continent. Mask promised to build infrastructure “From Ireland to Kiev, from Norway to Turkey.”

If these plans come true, then the era of electric cars may come much faster than we could have expected.