The main technical trends of 2019 in the field of smartphones creation are named

The main technical trends of 2019 in the field of smartphones creation are named

Main technical trends of 2019 among smartphones

2018 was far from being the most successful for smartphones - the market began to slow down gradually, for the first time ever. Back in February 2018, a recession was recorded, and even Apple felt this trend. Thus, the technical trends of 2019 are not so optimistic.

Technical trends of 2019: what will be the market

People don't buy new phones that often anymore. Existing flagships longer satisfy their users from all sides, and they no longer feel the urgent need to run for a new purchase. By constantly improving their characteristics, brands put themselves in a very disadvantageous position. Of course, this does not mean that the market will cease to develop. We are waiting for even quite radical solutions.

Recently, the media has been actively saying that technical trends of 2019 include support for 5G. Indeed, LG and OnePlus promised to show at least one such smartphone this year. Samsung took a step further and promised two models at once. Verizon, HTC, and Sprint won't stay out of this race. Apple decided to wait until the noise around 5G calms down, and will not release such gadgets until 2020. Perhaps such a decision will throw the company back a little compared to its competitors, but on the other hand, it will enter this era when the technology is already tested. This means that while 5G will only be deployed, 4G will still work most of the time, and users will overpay for technology that will be inactive for a long time.

Flexibility of screens

The users have already been shown at least one such solution, and this only gave a start to the real trend. Brands are developing technologies for flexible screens, hoping that this method will create a sensation among buyers. But after the media spent years on this topic, the first prototype produced almost no response. Samsung device looks quite good, but so far little is known about it

It turns out that technology has long been ready to be released, and it is obvious that brands will have fun with it, creating new and amazing form factors. Google has already agreed with Samsung that the new Android will support flexible screens.

It remains only to convince users that they need a bending smartphone in the premium segment.

No more notch

There will be no more frames. “Notch” has become the main trend of the past year - it was literally in every model released in 2018. Even Android has been adapted to “notch”. But now they will disappear - most likely, the future belongs to pin holes, as is the case with Huawei Nova 4 now.

Another trend is the movement of a fingerprint scanner under the screen. Now there is confusion and dissent in this area - someone is carrying the sensor to the back panel, someone has decided to remove this method of unlocking. But the scanners are unlikely to go somewhere soon - rather, they will move under the screen.