Space technologies of the future: scientists want to build a station inside an asteroid

Space technologies of the future: scientists want to build a station inside an asteroid

Space technologies of the future: Mathematicians propose to build a scientific station in the asteroid

The idea of exploring the universe directly in space has been haunting scientists for more than 100 years. But only with the launch of the first artificial satellite of the Earth and the flight of Yuri Gagarin it was proved that there are all possibilities for this. Unfortunately, the level of human development is insufficient for this, but the future space technologies will allow to build research stations in the most unexpected places. For example, in asteroids. Mathematicians have proven this to be real.

What are the future space technologies?

This may seem like an idea from a science fiction film, but mathematicians do suggest building research space centers right in asteroids. What is the meaning of such an idea? The benefits of this solution are a huge amount.

The first is convenience. Due to the rotation of the cosmic body, sufficient gravity is created, which will allow the equipment to work, extracting minerals. Of course, it should be made some effort to modify, but it is quite real.

The second advantage is the benefits. Researchers find on asteroids a huge number of the most important deposits, including valuable metals. In addition, it is better to organize the extraction and delivery of ore from a distant asteroid than to pollute the ecology of the planet on which we live.

Also, experts suggest that the construction of scientific and mining centers inside the asteroids will provide reliable protection from a variety of phenomena. For example, stellar radiation is extremely dangerous for humans, but it is not able to penetrate the surface of the cosmic body. Also, the thickness of the soil will not allow micrometeorites to damage the premises or equipment.

The researchers believe that the construction of bases on asteroids is absolutely real. A group of scientists from the University of Vienna proved that nothing is impossible. For the experiment, we took several algorithms that simulate the gravity of asteroids. With their help, mathematics simulated theoretical conditions on the celestial body, the size of 500x400 m. Experts have proven that even in such a small facility it is possible to build an efficient working environment. However, this is only a mathematical model, and before you actually plan such a construction, you first need to answer a number of questions. In particular, you need to know exactly the size and chemical composition of soils and rocks on the asteroid. It requires high strength stone to space station did not violate the integrity of the celestial body.

Austrian researchers are not only confident in the reality of the construction of bases on asteroids, and believe that this is inevitable. In particular, they are confident that with the advent of technologies that will allow humanity to travel freely in space, colonization of large celestial bodies will begin. It is impossible without carrying out of geological works and extraction of deposits. Not every space object is suitable for this, but among them you can find suitable ones.

Astronomers have already picked up several asteroids that match the characteristics used to create the mathematical model. For example, we are talking about 3757 Anagolay and 3361 Orpheus. They are suitable for the parameters, but it is not known what they consist of. As soon as humanity can get information about the composition of soils and learn how to build bases on objects outside our planet, they can be considered as priority options for the construction of the first scientific and mining center.