Software development trends: demand for software in the world is growing

Software development trends: demand for software in the world is growing

Software development trends: increasing demand and trust in its developers

The share of software in the total cost of goods is steadily increasing. And specialists expect that it will grow further. Over the past 5 years, the world has seen a demand for "smart" products such as TVs, speakers, cars, etc. It was out of the question before. Current trends in the development of software indicate that it is becoming more diverse and adapted for subjects for which it was not previously used. Thanks to this, the technology of the Internet of things is getting closer.

Main trends in software development

In addition to the actual growth in demand, it is necessary to note the increase in supply. One of the important trends was the emergence of a large number of companies specializing in the creation of new software. The results of studies of the dynamics of growth show that it is software developers who are developing more intensively than other participants in the IT industry.

Also on the market, there is a trend of the appearance of subsidiaries and IT departments in large organizations. Purchasing from third-party developers may be too expensive, which increases the final cost of the goods. However, even the use of own staff does not allow to cover the needs of 100%. Even such giants as Google cooperate with third-party specialists, because they need experience in various fields. Unfortunately, it can not be obtained if all the time to work only for one customer.

As for the domestic market of the Russian Federation, experts identify four main trends.

  1. Open source software is becoming more popular.
  2. Companies are showing greater interest in microservices architecture.
  3. Big Data projects are gradually being introduced into the industry.
  4. Projects in the digital economy are actively developing.

In state organizations of the Russian Federation, there is a tendency to use Open Source. Several factors contribute to the development of technology. First of all, it is a course on import substitution and use of software of own production. In addition, Russian developers were able to improve the reliability of products based on local software, as well as improve its functionality. The costs of implementing open-source software have also decreased, which is especially important in the context of the economic crisis.

Professionals believe that this trend will not lead to the exit from the market of traditional products, but vendors will have to revise their business strategies. To do this, you need to focus on specific niches, create a special infrastructure and software development support, offer open source services.

In addition, experts note that manufacturers of Russian software began to cooperate. The joint efforts allowed to create products that provide serious competition to Western analogues. They began to form a public-private partnership. State-owned companies are increasingly referring to domestic developers, providing them with resources and funding to create the necessary software. Thus, they managed to make a qualitative leap forward.

As for the major players of the IT market in Russia, they have to change their priorities in strategic planning. First of all, the development of this trend was facilitated by the emergence of cloud services, and it is important for companies to offer services, taking into account this trend. In addition, a number of large enterprises have reached the "ceiling" in the domestic market, which is why they are looking for opportunities to work in other countries. The state not only does not prevent this desire, but also supports it.