Smart watch with ECG from Apple saved the life of a man from the USA

Smart watch with ECG from Apple saved the life of a man from the USA

Apple Watch is a smart watch with ECG. A new generation of useful gadgets

Often it is unclear the purpose of this or other function in a consumer device. But hardly anyone knows for sure what useful feature or program in the future will save his life.

A US citizen will now thank his smart device for informing him about problems with heart activity in time.

Buying the fourth generation Apple Watch, the user began to test its capabilities. It came to a new function of “electrocardiogram”. The results of the heart test unpleasantly surprised the American man. He did the test several times, but the watch said the same thing: there are some problems with the heart like arrhythmia.

The hospital only confirmed the diagnosis made by the watch: auricular fibrillation. The owner of the novelty was put in a hospital, and the cardiologist advised him to purchase shares Apple: smart gadget of this firm saved a person from more serious consequences.

What is a smart watch with ECG?

It all started with the fact that in September 2018 was presented a new generation of Apple Smart Devices Apple Watch. This is the fourth generation of watches from the American industry giant. The novelty is not like the brethren of the previous series. For example, the display occupies the entire front area. Therefore it was increased by 33%.

As well as similar gadgets of other manufacturers, Apple Watch previously knew how to take care of human health. For example, a built-in gyroscope can detect a human drop and transmit an alarm signal. Also, the device reacts to an unsystemically increasing pulse of the owner. And this is not all the functions available to a person who is watching his health. In particular gadgets are able to count steps and calculate calories which the user lost as a result of physical activity using this information. There are programs that can be a trainer in the gym, because the gadget knows everything about the physical condition of the owner at the moment.

In the fourth series of smart watches Apple manufacturers have improved the function of the heart rate meter, converting it into a real electrocardiogram. To do this, electrodes were built into the back of the device and the control head.

Smart watches with ECG are only available in the United States. To do this, you need to purchase the device and upgrade the operating system to watchOS 5.1.2. However, it is expected that the gadget with full functionality will soon appear in all Apple Stores.