Smart shoes by Puma: counts the steps and transmits information on Bluetooth

Smart shoes by Puma: counts the steps and transmits information on Bluetooth

Famous brand: smart shoes sample of 1986

Smart shoes of Puma are back on sale. Legendary sportswear company rereleased RS-Computer smart sneakers. The gadget first appeared in 1986. The thing is intended for connoisseurs and collectors, as only 86 pairs will appear in stores in the USA, UK and Japan.

It is amazing how the manufacturer of sporting goods predicted trends of our times in the '80s. After all, smart shoes and clothing only enter the everyday routine of consumers living in early 2019.

The gadget is equipped with a chip, which can count steps, learn time and distance, as well as count the number of calories. Smart shoes RS-Computer previously connected to the desktop Apple IIe, Commodore 64/128, IBM PC Computer using cable. The connector for connection was in the back of the shoe, where the indicators are also mounted. They show whether the daily norm is fulfilled by steps and what is the level of battery charge.

The new version of smart sneakers differs from the original only in trifles. Bluetooth is integrated into the gadget, thanks to which the signal is transmitted to the application RS-Computer Shoe. But to prevent the user from getting cognitive dissonance from mixing epochs, the program simulates an eight-bit interface, as in the “warm 80s”.

Smart shoes and clothes. Hello from 2019

Meanwhile, the trend is growing. AM4NYC robot sneakers of Adidas Speedfactory laboratory appeared. We can say that the shoes were invented and produced by cars, using the help of people. Special sensors were connected to professional athletes during training. A huge array of data processed by artificial intelligence was received. As a result there were sneakers with optimal soles for different cities.

In China a smart heated jacket was released. It was made by Xiaomi electronics giant. The nanotechnologies were used in the development of the gadget. In particular, observers note unusual heating elements of the device. In the inner pocket there is a battery that can charge up to 100% in 6-10 hours. If the consumer forgot to do it, it is not a problem. The clothes are made of water-repellent material. Goose down is used as a heat-saving lining.

It is not reported whether the gadget is equipped with a thermometer to determine the optimal heating temperature.

While Xiaomi engineers are hiding a solid battery in the inner pocket, scientists from the University of Massachusetts have come up with a so-called fabric battery. At the moment it is the most optimal development for all kinds of smart clothing, because the battery is soft and does not deteriorate when water penetrates.