Smart carts for supermarkets can replace cash desks

Smart carts for supermarkets can replace cash desks

Smart carts will greatly facilitate the life of customers

Modern technologies continue to penetrate into our lives deeper and deeper. We use them to control finances, to get important information, to create comfort in the house. Soon, robotic "helpers" will facilitate the process of making purchases. In particular, smart carts with a liquid crystal monitor capable of replacing cash desks have already been developed. They inform people about the characteristics of the purchased product.

The principle of operation of smart carts

The idea of smart carts is quite simple. The structures are equipped with special readers with LCD monitor. The user just need to bring the bar-code, and then the screen will display all the basic information about the product.

First of all, this technology is considered as an alternative to stationary cash desks. In 2019, supermarkets are increasingly installing self-service systems, which makes it easier for cashiers and reduce the cost of maintaining the staff. However, the problem with queues with this technology is only partially solved. There are situations when there is such a flow of people on weekends and holidays that even if you open all the available cash desks, customers will have to wait.

The smart cart is able to send stationary points of calculation to the past. After the customer scan the goods, he will know its value. The software fixes the list of purchases and summarizes their price. When the user takes everything he needs, the system gives the total amount to be paid. With the terminal installed on the structure, the buyer will make the payment, using a Bank card, NFC, other methods.

Smart carts have another important advantage. You can configure them so that they not only show the price of the goods, but also report on its features. For example, about the nutritional value of products. Malnutrition is one of the main problems of the modern world, and people simply do not think about what they buy. Despite the fact that manufacturers are obliged to specify all the information on the packaging, as a rule, no one pays attention to it.

Using a smart cart, the buyer will receive the necessary information by simply scanning the goods. The system can provide basic signals such as traffic lights or Emoji with the evaluation of the purchased product. For example, if the client purchases only natural products, a green signal or a smiley-face emoji will appear on the screen. A more complex option is to specify the content of the main nutritional values of the product. These can be proteins, fats, carbohydrates, energy value in kcal, nutrients (vitamins, minerals, micro-and macroelements) and harmful additives (dyes, preservatives).

As you know, users are lazy enough to read what is written on the package. In addition, they often have no time. The client ran into the supermarket, made a purchase and quickly went about his business. This technology will really help to facilitate the choice of buyers who monitor their nutrition.

It is enough to put the bar-code on the reader, and the screen will display all the necessary information. You can simultaneously “peep” several products from one category, choose the most useful and natural product, and simply cancel the rest.