Siri application saved a person's life

Siri application saved a person's life

How Siri application saved the person?

Apple positions its smartwatch as a gadget that can save a person from death. In fact, there are quite a lot of such devices now, and the media likes to talk about such cases. So, in 2017, the iPhone 5S defended a woman from being killed in Manchester during the terrorist attack - bomb shrapnel hit the iPhone of the visitor of Ariana Grande's speech, thereby protecting her from severe injuries. Now Siri application is seen in saving lives.

How does Siri application save lives?

In America, the media spread the story of how the iPhone helped the man to escape. Rather, the Siri application helped. On 07 December 2018, a man named Neith Felix was driving in the Nevada desert in an off-road vehicle. Crossing the dry lake, Nate lost control and the jeep overturned. When the man came to himself, he could not get up - every attempt to move led to severe pain, he had 2 vertebrae broken, and 80% of the body was paralyzed.

In addition to severe injuries, the situation was complicated by the frost, which attacks the Nevada desert in the evenings in winter. His dog was together with Felix in the car, who tried to help the owner, lay down beside him and warmed him with its warmth. However, the man understood that he could hardly hold out all night like that, and could not contact anyone to call for help.

It was useless to shout because there was no one around. The only one who heard Felix's screams was Siri application. The man did not know where his phone fell after the accident, but he begged the Siri app to call his contacts. However, none of the calls did not pass. In the end, exhausted Neith told Siri to call 911, and it finally worked. Rescuers spotted the signal and went to help.

When the relevant services of the Pahrump area arrived at the accident site, they had to use the “jaws of life” to get Felix out of a car that was practically dinged up. The man was sent to the nearest hospital by helicopter, and was discharged from there after 4 days. Although

the victim now has to use the wheelchair, he miraculously survived after this terrible night. If the Siri app had not heard his cries and called for rescuers, it was unlikely to be able to find him in the next day.

Moreover, the man could not survive even the very first night, since, being in the cold, he could overcool, which together with his severe injuries would lead to a sad end. Fortunately for Felix and Apple employees, things turned out differently.

It is worth noting that in order to use Siri in such emergency situations, the helper call function must be enabled not with a button, but with a voice, according to a code phrase, usually it is “Hi, Siri”. Rescuers recommend always to keep this function active, just in case of such unforeseen incidents.