Simple 3d-editor attracted investments for 500 thousand rubles

Simple 3d-editor attracted investments for 500 thousand rubles

Polybrush is a simple 3d editor by Arseny Korablev

In 2018, simple 3D editor, Polybrush, from the Russian developer, Arseny Korablev, attracted his first investment in the amount of 500 thousand rubles.

The creator assesses himself as an artist, and not as a programmer, and the approach to the work of his editor is appropriate. To utilize fully services Polybrush, users should be based on the drawing process: the user makes brush strokes and at the output, he gets the necessary lines. Korablev considers 2d and 3D artists to be his audience, the editor will help the first ones to create sketches, the second ones to collect the character from ready-made parts.

Arseny’s first 3d works appeared when he was 12 years old, after acquiring a quite powerful computer. Though for the future developer this occupation was only a hobby, his achievements in drawing constantly attracted the attention of the domestic and foreign press. By the age of 17, he has already been known in Japan, the USA, India and Ukraine.

In the third year of university, the programmer Korablev decided it was time to apply his theoretical knowledge in the field that really attracts him. That was how a beta version of Polybrush appeared a year later. The network had been so excited with the release of the program that, as the developer recalls, he even dropped the server with the published file.

Services of simple 3d editor

The editor is based on the C ++ language, written entirely by Arseniy. He also left for users the right to create their own additional brushes, which is why the initial size of the editor increased from 2 mb to 500 mb.

The user has a choice of three options for subscribing to the program: free subscription for 90 days, configuration for $ 25 per month and perpetual license for $ 150. In addition, the developer does not deny the possibility of adding a reward system: the longer the artist uses the program, the more tools he receives as a reward.

In his work on Polybrush, Korablyov was not used to transferring to someone else. From the very beginning and up to the present, all the work, from writing code to sales, is carried out by Arseny. By the way, the programmer almost did not invest money in his initial work, and now his monthly expenses do not exceed 20 thousand rubles.

All in all, Polybrush currently has more than 200 consumers, most of whom are artists from the United States and Europe. Arseny recalls that at one time, the editor was even interested in Apple, but the proposals have not been made yet.

The creator believes that the only drawback of the program is its lack of popularity in Russia. Korablev declares this problem can be solved by the free eternal subscription.