What is SearchFace and how does the Russian people search service by photo work?

What is SearchFace and how does the Russian people search service by photo work?

People search service by photo SearchFace is already available to users

Surely every person in life had a story when you had to find a girl or a guy, not having on hand any information other than photos. Previously, it was almost impossible to do. However, over the past 10 years, technology has made a rapid leap forward. For example, Google image search allows you to find the page on which an image was placed. But the team of service SearchFace went on. They created an innovative Russian service to find people by photo.

How and why the people search service by photo SearchFace was created

Back in 2016, NtechLab project team released a trial version of the program, which was called FindFace. It allows you to find the profile of the person depicted in the photo in the. The popularity of the service grew rapidly.

After only a few months, the app had an audience of 1 million users. However, in 2017 the project began to work with the Moscow city hall, and in 2018 it became closed and began to work only for the state and private customers.

Analog of FindFace was created in 2019, the project was called SearchFace. The basis is a neural network that can analyze the image and detect the pages of people in the Vkontakte. The new platform compares favorably with its predecessor in that it is free. You do not need a subscription to use it.

In order to use SearchFace you need to go to the official website of the service and upload photos. After a few seconds you will be offered a list of pages in the Vkontakte with similar people in the photo. If the match index exceeds 0.65 - this indicates the maximum accuracy of the search.

The authoring neural network was used to create SearchFace. The project team wished to remain anonymous. For AI training, a base of 500 million Vkontakte users was used. Professionals said that SearchFace has nothing to do with FindFace, and service teams did not contact each other.

The service is already available and many users have had time to test it. In particular, the program has shown good results even if the person is covered by any objects (for example, masks on the eyes or glasses). Good search results were also obtained, if the photo is taken in profile. The neural network was able to identify people in photos with poor image quality. Another interesting nuance: SearchFace is able to find not only the page of the user depicted in the photo, but also photos with him in the profiles of other users (for example, family or friends).

As for the goals of the project, they are also different from their predecessor. The creators of FindFace hoped to create a Dating service. Team SearchFace positions its product as entertainment. To date, experts continue to test the accuracy of the search.

During free work, FindFace managed to disgrace itself. In particular, users of the site “Dvach” used it to search for profiles of porn actresses and webcam-models. After the discovery of the pages, they sent photos and videos of indecent nature with girls to their relatives and friends.

Initially, it became known about SearchFace on "Dvach" and in the eponymous Telegram-chat. As in 2016, when FindFace appeared, image board users began to test the service on Russian porn actresses and webcam-models.

Some of them found profiles of actresses in "Vkontakte»: they shared links in the threads, and wrote to the girls and their relatives, applying frames from erotic videos.

SearchFace developers noted that they have not yet received complaints from users. If there are a lot of requests, they are ready to add an option to remove the profile "Vkontakte" from the search results of the service.

On the question of whether the developers as the creators of FindFace to cooperate with the state, they answered: "It's too early to talk about it, we have not thought so far."