Samsung Pay has problems: why users complain about the app

Samsung Pay has problems: why users complain about the app

Users have noticed a problem with Samsung Pay

On Samsung Pay, problems periodically arose from the very beginning of work. This is, in principle, not surprising for a young service, it took some time to eliminate the shortcomings and refine the project. However, after a full-fledged launch, users continued to complain about various shortcomings and troubles that complicated the process of making payments. Another problem was discovered during the operation of the application, that is, too high battery consumption. What is the reason and how to deal with it?

On Samsung Pay, charging problems can be solved on your own, but only partially

Samsung gadgets are not for the first time making themselves notorious for battery problems. The scandal with the battery explosions on the Note 7 models is still fresh in the memory, because of which the Korean giant had to withdraw the entire batch of equipment and compensate users for the costs. Now, difficulties with the charge arose on devices with the Pay Framework service. They are not so serious, but very unpleasant for users.

Samsung Pay Framework is a proprietary application for making payments from the manufacturer of gadgets. It allows you to male contactless payment for goods or services in stores. At the same time, NFC terminal support is optional. Such programs are installed on the line of Galaxy smartphones. Money transfer is made using the latest MST technology, which stands for Magnite Secure Transmissions.

The problem with the rapid discharge of phones arose almost immediately after the start of service implementation. Users immediately noticed that the Samsung Pay Framework consumes significantly more energy than stated by the developer. Some gadget owners have announced the possibility of reducing the battery charge by 60% in just a couple of hours of work, with active use of the smartphone (respectively, the screen is always on).

You can get rid of this trouble on your own. It is enough to perform only a couple of elementary actions, after which the power consumption will slightly decrease. The company recommended users to turn off the option of battery optimization for Samsung Pay Framework. We will tell you in more detail how to achieve this.

So, to begin with, the user needs to open the settings menu and select the “Applications” item. You will see a list of working services in which you need to find a payment service. When you open it, you should click on the “battery” button, where you will see the “slider”, which is responsible for optimizing the battery. Put it in the “off” position. Thus, the user significantly reduces the consumption of electricity from the battery. Approximately, the savings will be up to 40% for two hours of work. However, there is a downside. The smartphone will charge about 30% slower. Of course, this is not the best way out of the situation, but in this case, at least you can use the gadget normally.

The Korean giant will have to provide a solution to this problem. The refusal to optimize the battery for Samsung Pay Framework is not the final way out of the situation. Owners of devices will have to wait longer to reach the maximum charge, which in some cases can be critical. Therefore, it remains to hope for a quick release of updates from the manufacturer, which will reduce energy consumption and save users from headaches.