Sales through apps: purchased goods will be delivered by drones

Sales through apps: purchased goods will be delivered by drones

Sales through the app will be delivered using drones

Over the past 5 years, sales through applications have become a real trend, since 2014 they have been growing steadily. The flagship in this regard is the Chinese giant Alibaba, which released the relevant services for Aliexpress and other stores owned by the consortium. Gradually, this practice extends to the network of grocery supermarkets, as well as retail outlets that sell household goods, user equipment, etc.

However, the development of such programs was difficult due to delivery problems. Of course, it is convenient to buy something through the mobile app, but how to get an order? Anyway, the user has to go somewhere, or expect a courier.

Transportation is complicated by finding the right address, despite the availability of modern navigation services. Alas, even the use of online maps does not exclude the human factor. In addition, a service employee may arrive at inconvenient times when the client is not at home.

Shops find a way out of this situation. In particular, the mass distribution of drones contributes to the achievement of this goal. The technology is constantly being improved, making it possible to deliver purchases for tens of kilometers. An important advantage of this solution is the minimum waiting for orders. Robots are much faster to find the right address, so that a person does not have to spend a lot of time.

Sales through apps in the US and self-driving cars

Another chain of stores has adopted the technology of self-driving transportation. Stop&Shop, one of the most well-known sellers of food and household goods on the East Coast of the United States, announced the launch of testing a new service for delivery of purchases made through mobile application. The first trips will be held in March 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts.

For these purposes, the organization has entered into a partnership agreement with the startup Robomart. The manufacturer of self-driving cars will provide their own cars, which will carry out transportation. All that is needed from the user is to download the official Stop&Shop service, complete the registration procedure and make purchases. After a person purchases any goods, he will be asked to indicate the point where his order should be delivered. The specialists will perform the loading in the nearest store and send it by means of Robomart transport.

An important advantage of self-driving cars of a startup is the fact that they are adapted specifically for the transport of food. The machinery is equipped with special refrigerators in which it is possible to transport frozen and perishable goods (for example, meat or fish). Control over the delivery is carried out directly by the employees of the Robomart Control Center. As soon as the device arrives at the end point, a command is given to open the doors, and the buyer will be able to pick up his order. Professionals have provided protection against theft and accidental receipt of other people's products. For this purpose, RFID technology is used in transport, as well as computer vision.

Stop&Shop will be one of the first companies to introduce delivery using self-driving cars. However, the world has already tested the technology of transportation with the use of drones. In particular, similar developments exist in Australia and in Finland. But this method has a serious problem - the inability to fly with a heavy load on board.