Autonomous Runet (Russian Internet) operation is supported by the largest Russian companies

Autonomous Runet (Russian Internet) operation is supported by the largest Russian companies

Autonomous work of Runet was supported by representatives of and Yandex

At the end of 2018, the Russian public was agitated by the idea of legislators on the autonomous work of the Runet. This means that the State Duma wants to limit the functions of the local segment, following the example of China, where the authorities tightly control the Internet and restrict access to services at the legislative level. On the Internet, this initiative was jokingly nicknamed “Cheburnet”. Nevertheless, the chances of adoption of a bill are quite high, since it is lobbied not only by the government, but also by the state IT giants. and Yandex stand for autonomous operation of Runet

The large Russian Internet holdings and Yandex spoke in favor of this initiative. Representatives of companies that defended the interests of such a decision took part in an expanded meeting of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. In particular, from the event was attended by Vladimir Gabrielyan, the first Deputy head of the organization. Yandex delegated the head of the network infrastructure department Alexey Sokolov.

According to Gabrielyan, autonomous work of the domestic segment of the Internet is an absolute necessity. The expert is confident that external threats, which will be prevented by the law, primarily hit the local business. If timely measures are not taken, the sanctions in the worldwide network can result in the collapse of many large companies and the most serious financial crisis that Russia has not known since the 1998 default.

Sokolov supported the opinion of his colleague and said that this initiative appeared very timely. The specialist is also confident that such solutions will help protect the Internet in the country and prevent problems related to external restrictions from European countries and the United States.

The essence of the government's idea is to develop a special infrastructure that will ensure the functioning of local Internet resources, if for any reason it becomes impossible to connect to foreign root servers. The bill was submitted to the State Duma on 14 December 2018. Its authors are representatives of the Federation Council Andrei Klishas and Lyudmila Bokova, as well as State Duma deputy Andrey Lugovoy.

Commenting on the document, Klishas noted that this solution will ensure the stability of the Russian network segment to threats, guarantees users the ability to work with domestic sites and services, such as Internet banking. According to the expert, the created infrastructure will allow to evenly distribute the load and adjust the traffic management.

However, the users themselves, to put it mildly, are not enthusiastic about such offers. On the Internet, they consider this an attempt to follow the path of China. In China, there is strict censorship with the prohibition of sites that publish "unwanted" information. In particular, Google, Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bloomberg and many other resources cannot be used in the country. Users are convinced that such a legislative initiative is a step towards the creation of the “Great China Firewall” and the establishment of control over the Runet by the authorities.

Nevertheless, the head of Roskomnadzor, Alexander Pankov, said that this decision has nothing to do with China. According to the specialist, Russia does not plan to launch a “closed internet model”. The expert claims: this is only necessary to protect users.