New robot athlete from Switzerland can skate

New robot athlete from Switzerland can skate

A robot athlete is created in Switzerland

Switzerland is not only a country of chocolate, watches and cheese. There are also strong winter sports traditions for which skates are used. In particular, we are talking about skating sport, figure skating and hockey. In addition, Switzerland is famous for its high technology.  The local startup decided to combine these features, and made a robot athlete, who was taught to skate. The technology is called Skaterbot and is able to move on ice on wheels and steel blades.

For the first time the development of scientists was presented at the economic summit in Davos.

The researchers managed to solve an important problem - to introduce a new method of movement for the robot.

Robot athlete knows how to skate

Previously, cars were made either walking or moving on wheels (alternative - tracks). Of course, each option has its own advantages. For example, developments with 4-6 paws can easily walk on uneven, rocky, mountain or forest areas. Devices on wheels develop a higher speed.

In 2019, several teams of specialists are working on the creation of hybrid robots. These machines on the feet must be installed wheels, and will be present switching mechanism from one mode of movement to another. Scientists under the leadership of Stelian Koros from the University of Zurich have made significant progress in this direction. Researchers have developed software that can be used in semi-automatic mode to build walking machines, change their structure, as well as to select the optimal movement.

The software independently selects the necessary movements based on the characteristics of each particular robot. At the end of 2018, the research team decided to try to use the software to move mechanisms in unusual conditions. Experts have installed skates instead of wheels. After some time, the bot adapted to the features of slippery surfaces and picked up the gait that allows him to stay on his feet. Robotic limbs of the machine move in the same way as a professional skater.

In addition, recently there was another development of a robot that can move on the ice. Its author is a Pliant startup. The machine is dressed in a special body, on the sides of which are flexible fins. They are fixed in such a way that the technology can freely control them and make wave-like movements. The most accurate comparison in this case will be with an electric ramp.

A robot moving on ice can be a very useful development. This technology is especially in demand for rescue purposes. Every year in the world thousands of people fall under the ice, but it is extremely difficult to get to them because of the large mass of the human body. Modification of developments that can move on skates, will allow rescuers to respond quickly to such cases and immediately begin operations. People will have to spend much less time in icy water.

Swiss experts for 2018-2019 have pleased the public with several new developments at once. For example, the University of Zurich created a four-legged robot, which among other things also has two hands. The operator can control them using a special remote control.