The British showed the robot artist. It can draw and create scenes of paintings

The British showed the robot artist. It can draw and create scenes of paintings

Ai-Da is the first robot artist in the world

Art has always been considered the destiny of people. There have already been attempts to invent neural networks that write poems and stories. However, while such developments are imperfect. However, experts were able to succeed in another direction. Researchers from the UK presented a robot artist named Ai-Da. According to the developers, the technology is able to independently come up with subjects for paintings and transfer them to paper.

What can AI-Da robot artist do?

Over the past 5 years, thousands of developments related to artificial intelligence have appeared in the world. Robots help people around the house, learn to drive cars, reduce the cost of production and open up new opportunities in other areas of life. Moreover, there are already developments on the basis of AI for implantation into the human body. Humanity has made a huge step forward in terms of autonomy of machines. It is time to introduce them into the art.

Manufacturer of robotics Engineered Arts presented its own development, which was called Ai-Da. This is a robot artist who is able to independently come up with a plot for the future drawing and transfer it to paper. Human participation in the process is not required.

The eye of the robot contains a special microchip that analyzes the proposed image. The AI processes the information and gives the appropriate command to the robotic arm. The mechanism with a pencil depicts everything that it sees in front of it. This is a unique achievement of scientists, before artificial intelligence was not capable of such things.

The robot was named after Aida Lovelace, famous as the first female programmer. Moreover, she is known on the Islands and as a brilliant mathematician. Software development for the technology was carried out at the University of Leeds.

Tests have shown that Ai-Da is able to transfer the image of a person on paper in just 45 minutes. In addition, the robot was offered to draw a still life and animals. The machine successfully coped with the tasks.

However, researchers expect that Ai-Da is capable of more. Scientists will bring their development to the Unsecured Futures exhibition, which will be held in May in Oxford. At the event, the robot will try his hand at sculpture, preparing objects made of plastic and precious metals. Moreover, the developers said that the machine can prepare a piece of performance “Cut a piece”, authored by Yoko Ono.

By the way, experts noted that Ai-Da has its own preferences in art, and just Yoko is one of the favorite artists. The technology attracts the “avant-garde vision of the world” from Ono. Also, according to researchers, artificial intelligence praised the work of Max Ernst. It especially liked the painting “Sick leg of a small horse”, because the pony on the canvas was depicted as a robot.

AI-Da creators emphasize that the robot is not just a good artist, but also an interesting interlocutor. It is able to talk, hear and maintain a dialogue. The face of the machine was made of silicone, and for the production of gums and teeth, 3D printing was used.

By the way, on the example of Ai-Da you can notice another interesting trend.

The largest developments in robotics in recent years appear in the female guise, and specifically this artificial intelligence appreciates the creativity and personality of Yoko Ono also because she professed the ideals of feminism.