The new photo application will come up with a pose for you and take a picture for 1000 likes

The new photo application will come up with a pose for you and take a picture for 1000 likes

Photo application will help you choose the best pose for the picture

Over the past 5 years, Instagram has gained immense popularity, bordering on obsession. What tricks people can do their snapshot collects as many likes as possible. Many people play with filters, processing the same picture for hours, so that other users like it. Developers from South Korea have proposed a method that will help get the most likes, but it does not have to spend a lot of time. The new photo application will help you choose the best pose for the photo.

How the new photo application works

The new service was called SOVS (SomeOne Very Special — "Someone very special"). Its main goal is to teach users to make such photos to collect at least 100 likes. The platform will choose the best pose for a particular background and show users how to stand in it. The photographer only needs to tell the application what he wants to get in the end. Further development will do everything for him. The free version of SOVS offers a limited number of positions. Basically, they're all simple. For more complex poses you should buy a paid subscription.

This idea of Korean developers really makes sense. Instagram saw thousands of pictures that seemed almost perfect and aroused genuine social excitement among the audience of the social network. Against this background, there were bloggers who exposed the secrets of getting successful shots. The main reasons for which users managed to get a great picture, were correctly chosen postures and angles. Now there is a service that does not force users to wrestle with how best to take pictures.

In addition, fans of photos faced with such a problem as bad photographers. Often one had to explain to friends with the camera how to take a picture, when, how it should be. For people who will have SOVS installed on their smartphone, this problem is not relevant. The application itself will tell the photographer how to shoot a particular frame. In order to achieve the desired result, the user only needs to set the preferred position in the settings and pass the gadget to a friend. The service directs the screen white contours, which should get the object in the photo. This will greatly facilitate the life of the photographer, he does not have to take pictures several times.

Developers from South Korea have released only a version for Apple devices. If you need a version for one person, you will have to download the service with a paid subscription (75 rubles), but the program for group photos is absolutely free. In addition, the service has several collections of poses. For example, for lovers or for a photo with a changed perspective. Only part of the items are freely available. The rest are available on a paid subscription.

SOVS has another useful option. You do not have to wrestle about how best to take pictures in one place or another. Take a picture of the background through the app, and it will recommend your preferred position.