Nvidia neural network creates faces of people who do not exist in the world

Nvidia neural network creates faces of people who do not exist in the world

Nvidia neural network interested the programmer and led to the appearance of a funny service that generates non-existent persons. Sometimes it turns out frighteningly realistic

In the world, a new online toy is presented, created with the help of modern technology. It turned out that the StyleGAN algorithm presented by the Taiwanese company Nvidia, introduced in February, in conjunction with artificial intelligence, can create faces of non-existent people. It takes the facial features of real people as a basis.

Since the code of the algorithm was published in the public domain, it was adopted by programmers from all over the world. One of them soon presented the service ThisPersonDoesNotExist (this person does not exist), which generates the appropriate persons based on the Nvidia neural network. The site with the ability to view such images instantly became viral.

The history of the site ThisPersonDoesNotExist and how does a project based on the NVIDIA neural network spread over the Internet

The craftsman who invented ThisPersonDoesNotExist was Phillip Wang from Uber. During the analysis of human brain activity, the programmer noticed that this body more accurately recognizes people's faces than other images.

It is known that with the help of the NVIDIA neural network, you can also create images of cars, apartments and some animals.

Access to the site is open to all, and no action is required to obtain an "artificial person". Simply go to the site and it already displays a non-existent person. When you upgrade a new character. Almost all of them look frighteningly realistic. It's all about the features of the algorithm, which is built in such a way that adjusts wrinkles, smiles and other features to the age of the person.

With the help of ThisPersonDoesNotExist Phillip Wang wanted to raise awareness about the possibilities of this technology not only programmers, but also people who are not related to the code. And he succeeded — soon after the launch of the site stylegan algorithm interested many Internet users. They began to use it to create completely different images. So originated non-existent cats, anime characters, original fonts. In addition, one of the users used the algorithm on the portraits of famous artists, the other "updated" graffiti drawings, and someone managed to make us President Donald trump smile in the photo.

Recall that recently launched in Russia searchface service to search for people in the social network "Vkontakte". To do this, go to the website and upload a photo that shows the person's face. After that, the system will show the profiles of users who have published photos of similar people. By the way, one of the users ThisPersonDoesNotExist kept a photo of a non-existent person and "drove" it through searchface. The system was able to find similar accounts. This once again proves that the StyleGAN algorithm and the Nvidia neural network work properly.