The number of Internet users grows

The number of Internet users grows

The increasing number of Internet users

Many changes over the past year are presented in the new report of the International Telecommunication Union. Moreover, in particular, the speed with which the global network conquers the Earth and these are almost 10 new users in just one second. As of July 2018, the number of Internet users worldwide reaches 3.9 billion. Interestingly, almost 92% of them have access to the Internet from their mobile phones, which is more than two thirds of the 7.6 billion people in the world.

According to estimates of experts, the number of network users doubles every three or four months. In addition, surprisingly, namely Africa has been the cause of this fast pace, 20% of its growth is for its territory. The report also mentions that about 200 million Africans first purchased a smartphone in 2017. Although these numbers clearly indicate the rapid improvement in the availability of the Internet around the world, it is worth noting that in some regions of Africa the development of digital technologies is still quite low.

The number of Internet users within the territory of Asia

Asia has a similar result. Although last year another 5% of users (98 million people) constantly used the services of the worldwide network, today the level of influence of the Internet in South Asia is only 36%.

In addition, as of 2018, access to the web via a mobile phone is the most popular option in the world - 52% of all web pages hosted in 2017 were viewed from mobile devices. Apparently, in a short time, users will cross over completely to the convenience of small smartphones. The second most popular gadget is a desktop computer, the use of which decreased by 3% compared to 2016.

Also, according to the ITU report, 96% of the world population now lives within the coverage of mobile cellular communications, and the number of active subscribers has already exceeded the number of inhabitants of the planet. At the same time, consumers continue to stop using fixed phones: in 2018, according to the ITU forecast, they will be less by 12.4% (only 942 million will leave).