The most downloaded application in China was the program about politics

The most downloaded application in China was the program about politics

The ideological program has become the most downloaded app in China. To promote it, the administrative resources were used

It would seem that there are millions of different mobile applications in the world, but the Chinese have their own peculiarities in this matter. It became known that the most downloaded application in the Chinese segment of the App Store was a program with a set of philosophical thoughts of Xi Jinping. At the same time, it appeared in the market only at the beginning of the year.

How has China's most downloadable application achieved this status

The application "Learn to build a great country" is a news aggregator with the ability to view videos and write comments. Another thing is that it is entirely devoted to General Secretary of the Communist party of China Xi Jinping. This is expressed in the content: all materials in the program tell only about the personality of the politician.

There is a question — how the application with not the most interesting set of information became so popular in China? The answer is hidden in the political system of the state.

2 years ago at the Congress of the party Xi Jinping made an extensive speech lasting 3 hours. His philosophical thoughts were then framed in an ideological treatise, which the party introduced into its Charter. After the idea of the head of state began to spread through information channels. Including, and through the application, which appeared in January 2019.

Interesting details of the popularity of the program

Part of the Communist party of China has more than 80 million people. All of them were obliged to download "Learn to build a great country", which allowed him just a month after the launch to become the most downloaded application in the Chinese App Store.

The nuances do not end there. When entering the program, the user must leave his / her real name, surname and contact phone number. This is done to spy on the person in the context of the frequency of use of the application. If it is not included the party officials will know about it. If you just open, but do not study the content - too. And this is fraught with reprimands and other sad consequences. It turns out that the Chinese have to use the application every day for their own good.

Thus, in the form of "Learn to build a great country" China has received an effective tool of propaganda at the intersection of ideology and technology.