China has presented the moon base project

China has presented the moon base project

China has prepared the moon base project

Humanity has long been looking at the moon. A natural satellite of the Earth is assigned many roles, from a huge research center to the cosmodrome, providing a simplified take-off and landing of ships due to low gravity. Perhaps the first conquerors will be the Chinese. In particular, after the success of Chang'e-4, the country developed a moon base project. Researchers from China intend to launch three more aircraft to study the surface of a celestial body, and then begin the implementation of the plans.

When will the moon base project be implemented?

The head of the space department of China (CNSA) announced the imminent launch of the Chang'e-5 probe, which should not only successfully descend, but also return to Earth with soil samples. Scientists of China have already gone down in history, as the creators of the first project, who managed to gently sit on the reverse side of a natural satellite. According to Wu Yanhua, head of the CNSA unit responsible for exploring the moon, experts still argue as to whether it will be possible to realize the goals. However, the Chang'e-5 mission will definitely go to the celestial body. Yanhua also shared further plans of the department controlled by him.

The expert announced the project Chang'e-6, which will be sent to the south pole of the Earth satellite. The task of the probe is to collect soil samples from this site.

The professional said that CNSA did not yet know whether the robot would land on the near or far side. The decision will be taken on the basis of the mission Chang'e-5.

China’s plans include launching a Chang'e-7 device. It will also be sent to the South Pole, but with other goals. First of all, the probe should provide information on the geological structure of this zone, as well as conduct a general assessment of the space environment.

Once all of these missions have been completed, China will collect enough data to build a moon base. CNSA will launch another Chang'e-8 probe. It will implement the technologies necessary for the life support of astronauts. In fact, the eighth generation of the robot will become a test sample for all existing developments. During the program, researchers will learn about the strengths and weaknesses of devices. In fact, this will be the final chord before the construction of residential units.

Not only China has plans to build a moon base. Scientists in the USA, the Russian Federation, and also some EU states are preparing for similar actions.

Yanhua also explained how to build buildings on the satellite surface. For this, local soil and 3D printing technology are used. The specialist expects that the launch of the Chang'e-7 and 8 devices will allow to conduct final testing of the developments and prepare for the construction of the objects. According to Yanhua, China does not plan to conquer the moon alone, and experts will be happy to cooperate with other states.

In addition, CNSA has ambitious plans for Mars. According to a representative of the office, the first device will be sent to the Red Planet approximately in 2020. Yanhua also stressed that the China is also ready to work together on equal rights and in a mutually beneficial manner in these studies.