Startup presented a design of a ring that can be used instead of a computer mouse

Startup presented a design of a ring that can be used instead of a computer mouse

It's time for devices that can be used instead of a computer mouse.

Of course, the computer mouse is a convenient and multifunctional gadget. But people who spend all day at the computer, often complain of discomfort in the area of the right hand, shoulder and neck. This is due to the use of a mouse or touchpad.

Therefore, startups are not get tired to please fans with new devices. These gadgets perform the functions of a mouse, but it is much easier and more convenient.

Recently, a project called Padrone appeared on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. The manipulator is a ring that is put on the finger.

How does the Padrone ring work?

The gadget functions when it is on the index finger. Moving the hand, the owner of the new development can move the cursor. Hitting the index finger on the table means clicking the left mouse button. By tapping the middle, the user simulates the right button of the manipulator.

To scroll and scale the image, move your fingers over the surface (as is the case on Macbook touchpads or tablets).

Motion sensors and cameras that observe the movement of the ring are involved in the process. Thus a three-dimensional model of the hand is constructed: neural networks help in this.

There is also an element of machine learning. For example, if you move your hand to the keyboard, the ring temporarily plays a decorative role and does not cause unnecessary enterters and menu openings. You can walk, knowing that nothing happens on the screen at this time with the Padrone gadget: the system sees that the user has moved away from the computer.

This manipulator is connected to devices via Bluetooth protocol. A portable docking station is also included. It is known that the device is designed for a day of continuous operation, and is charged up to 100% in three hours. The weight of the device is 8 grams, and the cost is $189.

The device is not suitable for computer games (especially team games). Like any other Bluetooth gadgets, the ring has a small signal delay. It is invisible for performing everyday tasks and does not affect anything. But in gaming it is better to use specialized devices: gaming mice.

It should also be noted that three-dimensional manipulators are siutable for working with VR (virtual reality). Ordinary mice lying on a plane will in 3D reality be unnecessary. Therefore we should expect the appearance of more such devices with the development of technology. For example, the startup Raccoon World showed specialized VR manipulators: a glove and a clip.