New Facebook gadget - voice assistant

New Facebook gadget - voice assistant

Facebook gadget and the company's entry into a new market

In 2016, Facebook Corporation life was easier. Presidential elections in the USA were still in the campaign stage and did not mean the future scandal, the user base of the company in social networks grew, and Cambridge Analytica was not up to the organization and business. So two years ago, when Facebook just started working on Portal and Portal+, its second entry into the home device market, it probably seemed like a pretty simple task.

A couple of years later, the company faced serious problems in the field of consumer confidence. That is why the release of the device, which provides another way to spy on the privacy of consumers, was not such a winning option.

Portal and Portal+ are familiar home helpers, some speakers that include Alexa voice assistant, as well as several built-in applications such as search tool and Spotify for music streaming.

Advantages of Facebook gadget

However, Portal has some unique features. Its voice navigation system provides access to applications such as Facebook Messenger for communication and Facebook Watch for video content. The device has also been designed for a specific purpose that other home devices either consider a secondary feature or ignore altogether: group video chat.

In addition, Portal is equipped with an artificial intelligence camera that automatically moves and scales. For example, if during a call the user decides to get up from the sofa to take a glass of water, it will follow him around the room.

In fact, Facebook is not the first corporation that decided to conquer the market of home devices. It will be difficult for the company to break through in the fight against already experienced organizations that occupied the market. In addition, most users prefer to use the speaker not for help, but for listening to music. And then audio specifications become important that, honestly speaking are a bit moderate.

Apparently, Facebook just decided to try their hand. If the market response suits the company, its funds will be enough to create a high-quality device, and to develop its own voice assistant, so as not to share customers with a competitor.