The Russians have created a drug dosage calculator in the format of a mobile application

The Russians have created a drug dosage calculator in the format of a mobile application

Russian scientists have created a drug dosage calculator

Unfortunately, the situation with cancer in Russia is depressing. Often it is necessary to use palliative therapy to maintain the quality of life. For effective anesthesia, opiate group drugs are used, but it is difficult to calculate how many of them are needed in one case or another. This situation is dangerous both for patients at risk of additional problems and for doctors who can be held accountable. To avoid trouble, Russian developers have released a mobile drug dosage calculator.

Who needs drugs dosage calculator

The new service was called “Opioid rotation”. It is intended for physicians who need to prescribe palliative therapy to patients. With the help of the platform, it is easier for a specialist to orient in prescribing a dose. This is especially useful for beginner doctors who do not have practical experience in such actions.

According to statistics, palliative care is required for about 500,000 people in the country. However, no more than 30,000 people receive it in full. Often the cause of failure is the fear of doctors. When prescribing opiates, specialists run the risk of facing huge problems, up to the probation period. It is enough to crush the ampoule with opiate or pour the remains. This aspect has been discussed for several decades, but no adequate solution has been proposed.

An experienced, qualified oncologist is able to independently choose the optimal dose of the drug for patients with different types of tumors, the location of metastases and individual indicators. Doctors in clinics, as a rule, experience with this much more problems. Registration of opiates in medicine is strict, in case of violation criminal liability may occur.

The development of a calculator for the dosage of opiates began in the framework of the program “Life without pain” at the initiative of the Association of hospice care of the Russian Federation jointly with some pharmaceutical companies. Testing of the service was completed at the end of 2018. The program is already available for Android devices. In the near future it is expected to release a platform adapted for iOS and major operating systems on the PC.

The head of one of the pharmaceutical companies participating in the project, Dmitry Efimov, said that Russia ranks 38th out of 42 countries in terms of access to palliative care in Europe and only 82 in the world. There has been some progress in providing opiates to those in need, but it is insufficient. It needs to be accelerated, and this is extremely important for patients.

Efimov noted that both the Association as a whole and the company led by him in particular strive to do everything possible to finally get rid of this problem. And the calculator is the most important step to achieve this goal.

The expert hopes that after the mass introduction of the application, experts will no longer be afraid to give drugs because of the risk of incorrect dosage. In addition, according to Efimov, all information on appointments for patients will be stored in a special database, which can be accessed in case of anything. The expert noted that this is the first tool of this kind working in Russia. It has no analogues in the domestic market.

In addition to the calculation, the developers have also introduced into the calculator instructions for the use of certain medicines. The electronic documents also contain recommendations on the use of painkillers for underage patients and for adults.