China will open a digital prison of the future. Its chief will be an artificial intelligence and other high-tech systems

China will open a digital prison of the future. Its chief will be an artificial intelligence and other high-tech systems

The digital prison project is being tested in China

When it seems that artificial intelligence has been applied in all possible areas, every time there is news about an even more sophisticated format of its use. For example, China plans to open a digital prison based on AI. The neural network will provide a complex interaction of different "smart" systems — from video surveillance and search for drugs in prisoners to assess their health through special bracelets.

Digital prison in China: how the system will work with the use of artificial intelligence

The development of an innovative prison system should begin this year. A statement was made in February by the Hong Kong Department of corrections. To begin with, officials will try it in small correctional institutions. If the experiment is successful, the system will be implemented in all prisons and colonies. The average daily number of prisons in Hong Kong in 2018 amounted to more than 8 thousand people.

The Chinese have worked hard on modern prison gadgets. Among other things, engineers have created a robotic arm worth 130 thousand dollars to sift the excrement of new prisoners. It will be used to search for drugs in the secretions. The device will surely be happy with the prison staff — they used to do it with sticks.

Another development is smart bracelets. They will be given to all prisoners so that the prison authorities always know their location and assess their well-being. This will help to quickly intervene in the fight or prevent serious consequences of injuries.

Traditional CCTV cameras will also receive an update. The system of 12 cameras integrates the function of video-analytical monitoring. She will be able to notice inappropriate behavior of prisoners or urges to it, and after to notify about it protection.

Such a system is already being tested in one of the Chinese prisons. However, its activities raise questions, as some cameras installed in the cells, where there is also a toilet. But the management of the institution assures that this part of the videos is hidden.

Not everything is smooth and in the use of bracelets. Officials worry about the safety of the data and fear that the guards will use them to their advantage.