Development of 5G: Intel and Ericsson signed a joint activity agreement

Development of 5G: Intel and Ericsson signed a joint activity agreement

The partnership of Intel and Ericsson will accelerate development of 5G

Ericsson and Intel have signed a partnership agreement that will accelerate the development of 5G. The essence of the agreement is to jointly create a platform for the management of equipment and ensure ease of use. The main task of the new platform is to speed up the process of launching services for commercial use, optimize resource consumption and reduce the cost of working with networks. This became known from the press service of Ericsson.

How Intel and Ericsson Collaboration will accelerate development of 5G

Several large operators are switching to special standardized servers, which will reduce the cost of creating and using the infrastructure. However, in order to use the capabilities of the equipment to the maximum, you need to make a lot of effort. In particular, you will have to buy new devices, come up with ways to provide communication and data exchange, etc.

Intel and Ericsson together want to save the company from these problems. The essence of their solution is to create a special cloud service that has no analogues in the world. It will have sufficient functionality to provide full management of 5G networks. In addition, the technology will make the process flexible and transparent.

Partnership of organizations implies joint creation of specialized software. In addition, the specialists of both companies will solve the problem of developing new methods of network management for cloud services. According to representatives, certain developments in this direction already exist. If experts bring them to the end, it will be much easier for providers to use the services of both manufacturers. They will be unified and can be installed on both Intel and Ericsson devices.

The companies assume that the new software of joint development will be suitable also for the old equipment released by producers. Experts also report the imminent release of new hardware solutions, which will also be unified. In particular, the parties stated that the Ericsson hardware platform will be able to work effectively with Intel servers. The companies claim that they are developing new equipment for various fields.

Innovative Ericsson platform SDI, which is based on Intel RSD, is a special pool of equipment with a single management center. The technology is able to solve any problems associated with scaling, rapid installation and launch of services for 5G. In addition, it provides high performance with relatively low resource consumption. Intel RSD is a specific architecture for disconnected devices, which makes it possible to create a new generation of DATA centers.

The first presentation of devices and software created under the partnership will be held in Barcelona in March 2019. Ericsson and Intel are the leading manufacturers of Internet coverage equipment. The association of giants of the industry is a critical step for dissemination of the new standard connection. Despite the fact that 5G is already fully developed, its integration is delayed due to a number of difficulties. In particular, it is necessary to create an infrastructure from scratch that will provide high-quality and reliable coverage.