What is the level of cybersecurity in Russia? Country rankings is published

What is the level of cybersecurity in Russia? Country rankings is published

What is the degree of cybersecurity in Russia compared to other countries?

Comparitech company, located in the UK, has published a recent study on the security of the Internet in various countries. In total, the rating includes 60 countries. According to experts, cybersecurity in Russia is at an average level. The country is inferior in this indicator to most developed and some developing countries, but many countries are more vulnerable to cyber attacks than the Russian Federation.

What is the situation with cybersecurity in Russia and in the world

Comparitech comoany used a methodology called Global Cybersecurity Index during the evaluation. It includes 6 indicators from which the final result was calculated. In particular, GCI requires analysis of the following criteria.

  1. The share of gadgets and computers, on which the presence of viruses is recorded.
  2. The number of cyber attacks conducted to steal cash.
  3. Number of remote attacks.
  4. Number of infections of user devices with miner viruses.
  5. Preparedness of the state for possible attacks by hackers.
  6. The presence of the necessary legislation to counter cyber attacks. All these indicators are summarized and the overall assessment is derived from them. The distribution of places is from the worst to the best. That is, if the country received a lot of points and got a high place in the ranking, then it has big problems with the protection of the Internet. Comparitech has included 60 states in the list where all the necessary information for the assessment can be obtained. Information was taken for 2018.

The cases with the viruses in smartphones are the worst in Bangladesh. The country took the first place in the ranking with an infection rate of 36%. This is the number of mobile devices in the country infected with malicious software. Japan has the least problems in this regard. Only 1.3% of smartphones in this state were subjected to such threats. As for Russia, the figures are 10.1%, which is the average.

As for computers, Algeria has the most problems. Here, 32% of devices were exposed to cyber attacks and malware infection. The leader in cyber defense of the PC is Germany. Here, only 3% of PCs and laptops face a similar problem. In Russia, the situation with computer security is worse than with gadgets. In particular, 23% of all devices had viruses.

By the way, Germany was the leader in another anti-rating. We are talking about cyber attacks involving theft of funds. 3% of users were victims. In Japan, the number of users is only 0.5%, for the Russian Federation - 0.6%. As for the miner viruses, the most affected users are in Uzbekistan - 14%.

In the end, Japan became the leader in terms of cybersecurity. The country received only 8.8 points. In second place, the researchers put France with 10.6 points. The top three winners closes Canada with 11.2 points. The list of the top 10 countries includes developed countries such as Denmark, the United States, great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden. The Russian Federation scored a total of 28 points. The worst situation is in Algeria (55 points), Indonesia (54.9) and Vietnam (52.44).