Cloud computing systems are ready to become a trend of the digital industry.

Cloud computing systems are ready to become a trend of the digital industry.

In 2019, cloud computing systems will accelerate development

The idea of cloud computing has been exciting of mankind for the last 13 years. But only now it is ready for mass implementation around the world. So says a leading analyst and Vice-President of Forrester Dave Bartoletti. In its report Forrester Predictions 2019: Cloud Computing he expresses the opinion that in 2019 cloud computing systems will experience a rapid development jump. The researcher is sure that the existing database is enough to use the cloud not only as a cheap repository of information, but also as a basis for the creation of decentralized applications.

What cloud computing systems will be in trend?

First of all, Forrester is waiting for progress from containers. Bartoletti emphasizes that major players in IT market, such as eBay, Viasat, Nordstrom and ING continue to introduce services based on such technology. In particular, the giants are engaged in the integration of Docker, Kubernetes, Envoy and Istio. Their goal is to open up new opportunities to use old platforms.

According to the report organizations will develop their own digital cloud services that use serverless architectures. Native elements and open source programs will help them do this. These platforms will be the foundation for improving enterprise and user applications in the next decade.

Due to the huge interest from the giants of IT market, the containers will be actively developed. In turn, this will help companies, because they will be able to use new security systems, control, scaling services. Bartoletti notes that many platforms are ready to make a sharp jump in their development.

Most organizations work with the public cloud, but there are also companies that prefer a hybrid system, using private cloud services. Experts believe that the "cloud market" in 2019 expects significant changes. Developers use three main ways to use this kind of technology.

  1. Creation of own environment with a converged or hyper-converged stacks, which will significantly reduce the load.
  2. Implementation of platforms using VMware vSphere virtualization software, development of own infrastructure and special tools.
  3. Use of cloud services based on OpenStack. Whereby, companies will appropriately select personnel trained to use the software.

In 2019, organizations will develop their own PaaS (platform as a service) strategy. In this case, there are also options. For example, it is possible to select a single operator and cooperate only with him. An alternative solution is "cloud neutrality", in which developers will use the services of several services at the same time. The report says that a number of companies that are interested in such technology will take a wait-and-see position, and will wait for the final readiness of the platforms they are interested in.