Augmented reality maps can replace GPS in Google Maps

Augmented reality maps can replace GPS in Google Maps

Google intends to introduce maps with augmented reality

Google, the world's largest company in the field of IT has developed an add-on for the Maps service. Experts have created maps with augmented reality.

Representatives of the giant expect that this solution will greatly facilitate the orientation for users. To date, the technology is being tested, after which it is expected the final revision and elimination of the latest shortcomings. Google experts note that the new service will be opened for users in 2019.

How augmented reality maps work

For the first time, this Google development became known at the Google I/O 2018 conference. Then experts showed the public the pilot project, and presented it as an option of visual positioning. If the orientation in Maps service took place thanks to a small blue circle, the add-on will be able to use the camera to determine the location of the gadget owner. In the near future, users will be able to navigate the terrain, just looking at the screen through the device for video.

The Wall Street Journal was the first that talk about the new development. The reviewers admired the simplicity and convenience of the service. In order to activate this option, you must click on the “Star AR” button. Then the application will send a notification that you need to move the gadget a little to establish the location of the user. When this is done, the user will be asked to specify the destination to which he is directed.

Nevertheless, Google does not want users to rely on the service for too long. If you exceed a certain time, the application will ask you to lower the gadget.

If the owner of the smartphone or tablet does not do this, the screen will be darkened. This is done for several purposes. Firstly, it is thus possible to save the charge, secondly, the consumption of traffic for data transmission is reduced, and thirdly it is necessary for the safety of users. If the user goes too long looking at the phone screen, then he may encounter another person, a pillar, another obstacle or even accidentally go out into the roadway.

Representatives of the IT giant noted that the full use of the add-on would require Google Glass glasses. However, you can use the basic functions of the service without a device.

To date, the development is undergoing final testing. Several local guides, who are considered to be community reviewers, were invited to conduct it. While Google does not say the exact date of release of the new application, but experts expect to use it in 2019. Augmented reality map is not the only Google add-on that is planned to be released this year. In particular, representatives of the IT giant announced a new service, the purpose of which will be to notify drivers about the speed limit on a certain section of the road. The system will locate the driver and will warn you of special speed limits.

In addition, Google experts have announced the message support function. Thus, the company expects to simplify the communication of employees with enterprises.

Employees who have problems with the task will be offered to notify the employer directly in the service. For example, we are talking about breakdowns or traffic jams.