New Amazon patent: the definition of a profession by appearance

New Amazon patent: the definition of a profession by appearance

The news about the new Amazon patent has caused criticism of ordinary Americans and questions from the us Congress

Jeff Bezos Corporation returned to the news with a new development.

Amazon's patent concerns the improvement of rekognition, a visual content recognition system already existing in the company. Only with the new algorithms it will be able to track the movement of a person and determine the kind of its activities on clothing and other external details.

Amazon's technology has caused controversial assessments by the public and experts. Many criticized the initiative of the company, whose reputation in recent years and so leaves much to be desired.

The Amazon patent and the surveillance technology of China: what is the connection between the two developments

The technology of the Corporation is much similar to the systems developed by the Chinese IT company SenseTime. They are used in the work of city cameras in China and allow to accurately identify the sex and age of the person. The algorithm used takes a few minutes to assess the identity of the passer-by. In addition, the Chinese development is also easy to determine the brand of clothing, its color and even the number of the machine. Sensetime systems are actively used by the police and other municipal services of the state. A similar story in Rekognition. It was adopted by the FBI and American policemen.

It is not yet known whether the Amazon patent will be implemented, but the news about it has not received approval from both ordinary people and the authorities. The U.S. house of representatives asked Jeff Bezos for clarification about the principles of the new algorithm of the system. Parliamentarians want to make sure that it will not harm society and will be used only with good intentions. The company itself assured that Rekognition in any format benefits.

Amazon's plans have spoiled the reputation of the company, which has recently been mercilessly criticized

The story of Amazon's patent clearly does not play into the hands of the Corporation, especially in light of recent events. Thus, the American media got insider reports on the difficult working conditions of employees of the Corporation in warehouses. Amazon's project to create a smart home system also came under criticism. The public believes that in this way Jeff Bezos wants to access the confidential data of users. Discontent led to the fact that the company abandoned the idea of building a new headquarters in New York.

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