5G-devices will soon appear on the market

5G-devices will soon appear on the market

Qualcomm is ready to provide the world with a 5G-device

The world's largest manufacturer of mobile chips Qualcomm will provide Android smartphones with the ability to work on 5G. This was announced during the technical summit in Hawaii in December 2018.

Such a decision is understandable as Qualcomm wants to regain part of the market, which is now owned by Intel, and to punish Apple for having broken cooperation. Executives one by one compared the speed of the Qualcomm processors that will be built into 5G and 4G smartphones with competing models of Intel and Apple in their presentation. It was obvious that in this way the corporation wanted to move away from the idea that the firms mentioned were not leaders of chip technology for a long time.

Qualcomm has attracted well-known partners such as Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, Lenovo, Google and Microsoft. According to the news Snapdragon 855 chipset will work on most major Android phones already in 2019, in the same year the main number of smartphones will become 5G-devices. In addition, the Company presented a new processor 8cx, designed specifically for Windows 2-in-1, which will expand Qualcomm's position in the field of computer computing.

Impact of 5G-devices

The importance of 5G for Qualcomm cannot be overestimated. Moving from 4G will mark a revolution in how people use devices, and how such devices communicate with each other. 5G is more than just an accelerated download. This technology allows billions of other devices to be connected to the network and enables automation. For example, driving cars independently, during which cars will communicate with each other in order to avoid craches.

The promise of extreme data rates and instant network connections makes 5G an attractive offer for device manufacturers. Most smartphones will get this feature in early 2019, although AT&T says it plans to launch its first 5G phone by the end of 2018.

As for PC, Qualcomm clearly wants to overtake Intel, getting cooperation with laptops on Windows, which Lenovo and Samsung, massively sell to companies for corporate purposes. Currently, the market is still dominated by Intel, but the Chinese firm is betting on its latest technology, which will help it remain the king of mobile chips.